Civil servant management software

Civil servant management software is the overall software that serves the State administration of cadres and civil servants of an agency or state administrative unit.

EFY Vietnam Informatics Technology Joint Stock Company developed and deployed civil servant management software with the following basic functional blocks:

- Calendar management for civil servants::

        + View a list of civil servants organized by department.

        + Personal records should be updated and edited.

- Personal relationships::

        + Information on the spouse, children

        + Information on the grandparents; father or mother; and a brother or sister on the spouse's maternal or paternal side.

- Management of professional training and retraining processes: Throughout the working process, the system supports the functions of managing professional training and nurturing procedures for civil officials.

- Political training management: The system oversees the political training of each cadre and government servant at various phases of participation in political activities.

- Manage the process of participating in organizations and mass organizations: Manage and monitor the state of participation in activities at organizations and mass organizations during the work period.

- Managing the process of participating in scientific research: managing and monitoring each cadre's and public servant's applied scientific research.

- Maintaining the process of election participation and election: Tmaintaining and monitoring information on officials' and employees' candidacy and election participation throughout the whole working process.

- Manage the process of entering the military: Manage and track information concerning military participation. (Army, police, etc.).

- Management of reward, discipline, and title information: The program allows civil servants to evaluate and track their reward and disciplinary information.

- QManagement of working processes: Enables recording of all government servants' working processes and positions accomplished.

- Management of retirement and severance information: Enables tracking of key information in civil servant retirement and resignation.

- Predefined reports for periodic reporting: Predefined reports for periodic reporting are included in the report output function.

- Management of the directory system function

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