Administrative reform index scoring software- Par Index

Support managers at all levels in developing a set of PAR assessment indicators, conducting the assessment and appraisal, and publishing the PAR index assessment findings at all levels and sectors in the locality-province table.



One-stop and electronic one-stop software

Assist with the receipt, acceptance, and settlement of administrative papers at state management organizations through the one-stop-shop and inter-agency one-stop-shop mechanism.

Software for management of citizen accessories, handling of complaints, denunciations

Assist in the receipt and resolution of complaints, denunciations, and other letters sent to state administrative bodies.

Digitizing and managing electronic archives after digitization

Post-editing archive digitization service for agencies and groups that frequently receive and store large volumes of documents and historical records. Following the digitization process, all records will be updated in the electronic record management software system for fast and easy sharing, mining, and searching.

Civil status management software 

A general software system that serves the state management of civil status management of an agency or state administrative entity is referred to as civil status management software.

Competition and Rewards Data Management software

Competition and Rewards Data Management Software is a support system for handling emulation and reward data based on the unit's reward scope.

Electronic Portal solution EFY-PORTAL

According to a contemporary architectural model, the overall answer of an e-portal applies to state management agencies and businesses.

Software to create and manage Websites on the Internet

The software creates, manages, and displays promotional material on the Internet to introduce goods and services.

Civil servant management software

Civil servant management software is the overall software that serves the State administration of cadres and civil servants of an agency or state administrative unit.

Operation and documentary management software

The software assists State administrative organizations in the operation and control of incoming and outgoing documents and work records.

Software for managing and exploiting museum artifacts

The software for managing, tracking, and searching the museum's artifacts is developed in a flexible and scientific manner.

Digital library management software 

The library system is completely integrated to support the scientific and flexible management and exploitation of all kinds of information and documents in provincial and school libraries.

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