Document editing is the classification, valuing, arrangement, statistics, and configuration of tools for searching documents created in the course of agency, group, and individual activities.

1. Organizations that carry out the procedure of adjustment

EFY Vietnam Informatics Technology Joint Stock Company provides the service of editing archives in line with the terms of Decision 128/QD-VTLTNN of the State Department of Records and Archives promulgating the Regulations on June 1, 2009. The procedure of "editing paper documents" in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and the State Archives and Records Administration's Official Letter No. 283/VTLTNN dated May 19, 2004, on guiding the correction of administrative documents.

2. Classification alternatives

-- Alternative Organizational Structure - Time and Time - Organizational Structure: typically given to Fonts with a distinct and stable organizational structure; the functions and tasks of each structure are distinct and do not overlap.

-- Alternatives of Active - Time and Time - Active : typically used in document classification of fonts where the font-forming unit lacks an organizational structure or the organizational structure is constantly changing; the functions and tasks of each structure are unclear, or there are no conditions to study the font-forming unit's organizational history.

-- Alternative Problem - Time and Time - Problem: pertains to personal, family, clan, and archival archives.

3. Archive updating procedure:

4. Method of Implementation: (2 forms)

The company coordinates to perform services in accordance with the estimate for archival activities (according to Article 39 - Law on Archives) on the basis of funding agreement (proposed by the unit), ensuring the quality of archives service quality with the following methods:

-- Method of co-implementation: In this method, the investor and the Company agree to implement the plan to perform service activities, with the Company standing out to sign a partial service contract and collaborate with each other on the unit that coordinates the deployment of service content.

-- Packaged service method: For this method, the unit is the lead agency (investor), and the Company directly receives the service through bidding, the appointment of a contractor, or a service contract between the unit and Company.

5. Implementation expenditure

Calculated using the unit price specified in Ministry of Home Affairs Circular No. 03/2010/TT-BNV dated April 29, 2010, on economic norms - technical adjustment of paper documents; and Ministry of Home Affairs Circular No. 12/2010/TT-BNV dated November 26, 2010, guiding the method of determining the unit price for document adjustment The investor's and the Company's arrangement.

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