Electronic Social Insurance

On September 17, 2015, EFY Vietnam Company was contracted as an I-VAN service supplier by Vietnam Social Security No. 03092015/HD-BHXH-EFY. Customers receive electronic social insurance declaration software with numerous outstanding benefits, a staff of highly expert consultants, and enthusiastic nationwide support.

We are proud to be the product with the highest market share in Hanoi, with over 60,000 customers using it nationwide (as of July 2017).

We create applications with the following features:


The following are the fundamental values of our development strategy:

  • Declare, submit documents, and monitor outcomes directly within the software.
  • Look for the monthly social security payment notification. (C12).
  • The function of signing (when the leader or accountant holds a digital signature)
  • Control data in order to prevent arrears and penalties caused by false declarations.
  • All Digital Signatures are integrated.


* Technology copyright:
* Copyright certificate: No. 4036/2014/QTG
*  2016 Sao Khue title




The EFY-eBHXH mobile version is fully functional, meeting the requirements of social insurance information search and electronic transaction records. Users can get the software for free on their mobile devices.

Scan the QR code to download the software.


Service for electronic invoices EFY-iHOADON, developed by EFY Vietnam, completely complies with Circular 32/2011/TT-BTC, Circular 39/2014/TT-BTC, and is ready to comply with Decree 123/2020/ND-CP, Circular 78/2021/TT-BTC, and Decision 1450/QD-TCT.

Using the EFY-iHOADON service provides numerous functional advantages to the unit:

  • We are prepared to provide E-Invoices to all subjects who require and are qualified to use them. (businesses, hospitals, schools, business households, etc.).
  • Ensure compliance with all types of invoices (value-added invoices, sales invoices, delivery notes for internal shipping, delivery notes for sale to agents, and other types of invoices as specified by law) and the full range of e-invoice operations.
  • Accounting software, sales management software, company management software, and so on are all ready to be integrated.
  • EFY Vietnam is always ready to satisfy all legal requirements in order to connect, receive, transmit, and store e-invoice data with the Tax Authority.
  • The support staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist and answer customer questions.
  • After the two parties sign the contract, it is time to help in the registration processes for using e-invoices with the tax authority (designing templates, creating issuance notices, and guiding procedures for tax authorities).
  • The iHoadon service package will be activated once EFY Vietnam gets the service fee.

Public digital signature

On April 5, 2018, the Ministry of Information and Communications granted license number 153/GP-BTTTT to EFY Vietnam as a provider of EFY-CA public digital signature certification services. A digital signature that is legally recognized as having the same legal value as an individual's signature or an organization's seal is regarded as the best solution to all issues when transacting on the Internet. and is also used in a variety of other high-security locations.


The EFY-CA digital signature completely complies with the Ministry of Information and Communications and the National Digital Signature Certification Center's public CA standards. To make the process faster, safer, and more secure, each individual or company only requires one digital signature to use in all transactions, declarations, and so on.


  • ● Declaring electronic social insurance
  • ● E-invoice management
  • ● Declaring Electronic Customs
  • ● E-commerce transaction
  • ● Declaring electronic tax
  • ● Individuals, businesses, and integrated solutions
  • ● Secure Sockets Layer
  • ● CodeSigning certificate


EFY Vietnam's EFY-eCONTRACT electronic contract solution completely complies with the legal standards for electronic authentication using digital signatures (EFY-CA), OTP based on the Law on Transactions. The electronic labor contract is legitimate, according to Decree 130/2018/ND-CP and the Labor Code of 2019.


EFY-eCONTRACT provides a complete e-contract solution that allows businesses to sign contracts with customers remotely, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using automated signing procedures and flows.


  • ● Contracts and papers can be prepared, submitted, signed, looked up, and reported at any time and from any location.
  • ● Sign an infinite number in under a minute.
  • ● Contracts are sent and received immediately.
  • ● Different types of digital signatures CA, OTP, and HSM
  • ● Integration with management tools such as ERP, HRM, and CRM.
  • ● Support decentralization while adhering to the centralized data management paradigm.
  • ● Information security and secrecy
  • ● Intuitive, straightforward, and uncomplicated to use
  • ● When compared to written contracts, you will save 90% of your time and money.

Electronic Know Your Customer(e-KYC)

EFY Vietnam's EFY-eKYC (EFY electronic Know Your Customer) customer authentication and identification solution for individuals and organizations is a standard anti-fraud solution that checks customer ID accuracy when logging into the system and participating in transactions, contributing to the security and safety of information in electronic transactions.


EFY-eKYC is built on AI (artificial intelligence) technology, which automatically compares a customer's selfie to the image of their ID card name, combined with the function of separating OCR character fields on the ID card, to assist the customer system in maximizing the verification of personal documents and registration forms quickly and completely automatically.


  • ● Automate the registration and verification of customer details.
  • ● Assist in accurate user identification.
  • ● Create digital signatures by extracting information and digitizing client data.
  • ● Simplify procedures and increase customer satisfaction.
  • ● Enhance the security of client data.


We create an entire software system for state management that adheres to the e-Government architectural framework requirements.

Administrative reform index scoring software - Par Index

Support managers at all levels in developing a set of administrative reform evaluation indicators, conducting assessments, appraisals, and publishing the findings of the PAR index evaluation at all levels and sectors in the locality-province table.

Electronic one-stop and Interconnected electronic one-stop software

Assist with the receipt, acceptance, and settlement of administrative papers at state management organizations through the one-stop-shop and inter-agency one-stop-shop mechanism.

Software for management of citizen accessories, handing of complaints, denunciations

Assist in the receipt and resolution of complaints, denunciations, and other letters sent to state administrative bodies.

Digitizing and managing electronic archives after digitization

Post-editing archive digitization service for agencies and groups that frequently receive and store large volumes of documents and historical records. Following the digitization process, all records will be updated in the electronic record management software system for ...

Civil status management software

A general software system that serves the state management of civil status management of an agency or state administrative entity is referred to as civil status management software.

Competition and Rewards Data Management software

Competition and Rewards Data Management Software is a support system for handling emulation and reward data based on the unit's reward scope.


Document editing

The restructuring of documents in the font according to a scientific classification scheme is known as document editing:

  • - Edit, finish, restore, or make a new profile;
  • - Identify the worth of documents;
  • - Document and record systematization
  • - Create a lookup tool for typefaces or document blocks in order to make repairs.

We are devoted and ready to provide document editing services for the unit in a professional and effective manner to ensure professional standards for each specific type of document.


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