Digital library management software 

The library system is completely integrated to support the scientific and flexible management and exploitation of all kinds of information and documents in provincial and school libraries.

Scope of use object

  • Provincial libraries, school libraries.

Salient features

  • Supports standard cataloging MARC 21, AACR-2, ISBD
  • Support for common classification frameworks
  • Data import/export according to ISO 2709
  • Links to online libraries and information resources on the Internet
  • Integrate with barcode devices, magnetic cards, RFID and automatic loan and return devices
  • Multi-language support
  • Full text search
  • Highly customizable
  • Strict security and decentralization;
  • Diverse, detailed and intuitive lookup statistics for all target groups;
  • Efficient operation on large databases with millions of records
  • Exploiting and exchanging information via web, email, GPRS (mobile phone) and devices to assist the blind
  • Compatible with both closed and open warehouse models
  • Support library system with many warehouses, circulation points...
  • Links to online libraries and information resources on the Internet via Z39.50 and OAI-PMH protocols

Functional subsystem

Software function EFY-LIB

  • Catalog Management:

Easily and conveniently catalyze all types of library resources according to international bibliographic standards, exchange cataloging data with libraries on the Internet, and publish rich and diverse bibliographic publications.

  • Additional subsystem

The publication management process is strict and transparent from the time the need arises to add orders, receive orders, verify, assign a unique registration number, price to storage and launch.

  • Publication inventory management

Build a multi-level repository structure corresponding to the publication stock in the library, see detailed information on the status of the publication stock, manage books taken out of the warehouse, record the process of liquidation/loss of documents, inventory modern warehouse, updating publication information, merging publications, identifying ORC...

  • Administration periodical publications

Automating and optimizing specific management operations for all types of periodical publications (newspapers, magazines, journals...) such as supplementing, registering, verifying, binding, complaints about missing numbers and sum the missing number and store it.

  • Manage readers:

Managing personal information and classifying readers helps the library to apply appropriate policies for each group of readers and conduct business processing in batches or individually.

  • Flow Management (Management of borrowing and returning books)

Automate repetitive manual operations in the process of borrowing, returning, reporting lost and automatically calculating, applying all circulation policies set by the library. Provide rich and detailed document loan and return statistics.

  • Lookup (OPAC)

A common portal for all subjects to exploit library resources and services in a way that is suitable for each individual's needs; It is an environment for communication and information exchange between readers, between readers and libraries, and between readers and other libraries.

  • Statistic

The system allows the library to make statistics, report on the situation of supplementing documents, manage funds, and replenish funds quickly and accurately. Support list of reports available according to library standards such as: list of library materials by type, storage location, language... Statistics of books borrowed, lost periodically, reports by book genre…

  • System Administration (for administrators)

Manage (add, remove users), assign user rights according to functions, warehouses and record user logs on the entire system. Security on many levels. Integrate with user databases on LDAP or Microsoft AD. Allows customizing the language on the program interface.

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