Software for managing and exploiting museum artifacts

The software for managing, tracking, and searching the museum's artifacts is developed in a flexible and scientific manner.

HIt is sufficient to provide a tool for managing, monitoring, and tracking information about the museum's objects to the museum's management board and professional personnel.

The software has functionality for managing business processes such as::

  • Artifact appraisal information management: implementing the management and content of information regarding the process of appraising and determining the origin of the value of artifacts.
  • Managing information on the museum's artifact history: managing specific information on an item, which is the basic information to provide to subsequently exploited objects.
  • Administration of numbering information and artifact registration: assisting in the formulation of criteria in the administration of the museum's artifacts according to regulations such as numbering information for artifacts by kind of artifact, material, and storage year.
  • Managing classified information and entering the artifact archive: performing the operations of storing the artifacts in the warehouse according to the classification principle, storing the artifacts according to the warehouse, managing the establishment of entry slips, and managing the museum's appearance.
  • Posting information on artifacts for mining: posting and providing information on artifacts for mining in the provincial museum to help people and museum visitors.
  • Look for information and write reports on the museum's artifact management and exploitation..

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