Software to create and manage Websites on the Internet

The software creates, manages, and displays promotional material on the Internet to introduce goods and services.

The software's basic features include:

  • Publishing information on the website
  • Management of information categories
  • Management of news articles
  • Management of advertising images
  • Management of logos
  • Management of links
  • Management of recruitment information, registration, participation in online recruitment
  • Management of multimedia material (audio, images, flash, etc.)
  • Management of website visitor feedback
  • Analyze and statistize the number of website visits by category
  • Administration of users and decentralizes website information management.

Outstanding software features

- Give ordinary users (NSDs) a dynamic information content management tool that allows them to readily change material on the website.

- Provide a scientifically designed and user-friendly interface for displaying informational content on the website, so that users may readily find information.

- Allows for the attachment of text files in Word, Excel, and image formats, and facilitates the process of updating content on the website by following these steps: Enter -browse-display (all information must be displayed before being displayed) via approved censorship.

- Because the modules are built on a web-based application model, all that is required to launch them is an Internet browser such as IE or Netscape. (no need for any installation procedures on the workstation).

- Exchange information with other websites using global information collecting and dissemination protocols such as RSS, RDF, and XML.

- Support for multi-language website display; multi-interface display

- Assist multimedia users in effortlessly viewing and downloading audio and image files.

- Because of conformance with global structure and programming standards, it is simple to extend or integrate with other systems.

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